The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia is pleased to announce that nominations for the 2024 Paul Bourke Awards for Early Career Research in the social sciences are now open. Named in honour of distinguished past-President Paul Francis Bourke, these prestigious awards celebrate outstanding contributions from early career researchers within the social sciences.

Each year, four Paul Bourke Award recipients are selected by members of the Academy’s Panel Committees. These awards recognise social science researchers who have received their doctorate within the past five years, with allowances for career interruptions.

In 2023, award recipients included Dr Denise Angelo, an expert in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language ecologies, Dr Arjuna Dibley, whose work on global sustainability and climate policy are at the forefront of the field; Dr Lise Lafferty, an innovative researcher in the field of infectious disease amongst prison populations, and Dr Ruben Loaiza-Maya, whose innovative and versatile research addresses critical issues in computational statistics and economics.

Award recipients will receive support from the Academy to present a lecture on their research delivered at their home universities in the following year, as well as other opportunities to promote and share their research more widely.

Nominations for the 2024 award close on July 31.

For more details on the nomination process and to access the nomination form, please visit our website.