Despite large parts of the country being in lockdowns due to COVID-19, this was the biggest year yet with a colourful array of events, film screenings, interviews, trivia nights, podcasts and celebrations of everything that the social sciences contribute to our lives. Browse the website to explore the fascinating range of events that were on offer with many webinar recordings now available. Some highlights of recordings you can watch back are panel discussions and talks on issues from:

We’re still gathering data but we can already see that Social Sciences Week 2021 (#SSW2021) gained over 137,000 tweet impressions, 276 mentions on Twitter, over 25,000 website hits across the month and initial data from just 18 of the events showed more than 4100 registrations. We’re grateful to our many event and university partners and to The Conversation; our new Media partner for Social Sciences Week 2021.

SSW2021 was also widely reported in the media, in part thanks to the event’s new partnership with The Conversation.  We saw it headline The Conversation’s daily newsletter at the start of the week, while across the week they published a number more stories tied directly to SSW events, on topics ranging from Growing up Muslim to Gender Equality and Indigenous Technology.

Social Sciences Week was also embraced by Radio National’s radio program and podcast Big Ideas.  Shortly after the week ended, the show published a recording of a Social Sciences Week event – Implications of the September 11 attacks – 20 years on – and the program will share recordings of four other SSW2021 events over the coming months.

Did you miss #SSW2021? Never fear! There are lots of event recordings on the Social Sciences Week website. We hope that everyone who participated learnt something new and walked away with a greater appreciation for the important work of the social sciences.

Thank you to everyone who hosted or participated in a Social Sciences Week event, and a huge shout out to our volunteer event committee and everyone involved in making it our biggest year yet!


We look forward to seeing you from 5-12 September 2022 for the fifth Social Sciences Week! To stay in the loop, follow us on social channels or stay subscribed to the Academy or Social Sciences Week newsletters.