Submission to The Treasury

On 31 January 2023 the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia made a submission to the October 2022-23 Budget Statement: Measuring what matters.


The Academy has long had an interest in the concept of wellbeing and strongly supports the Australian Government’s initiative to develop a stand-alone Measuring What Matters Budget Statement. This is an opportunity to tap into a considerable body of work and develop a contemporary understanding of what progress means to Australian society.


The Academy makes five recommendations aimed at ensuring the inaugural national framework facilitates a more informed and inclusive policy dialogue on how to improve the quality of life of all Australians:

  1. Consult on wellbeing outcomes before determining indicators
  2. Avoid too many indicators
  3. Enhance ABS capability to produce supporting data, including an annual publication of indicators and trends
  4. Ensure the professional independence of the Treasury in preparing the document
  5. Apply the wellbeing framework to future Intergenerational reports


Click on ‘download’ to read the submission in full.