Answers for Tipping Point:History, the new quiz inspired by the Social Sciences.

1. Athens and Sparta

2. Two-thirds of the Athenian population died of the plague.

3. The Spanish Flu did not originate in Spain, though news coverage of it did. During World War I, Spain was a neutral country with a free media that covered the outbreak from the start, first reporting on it in Madrid in late May of 1918. Meanwhile, Allied countries had wartime censors who covered up news of the flu to keep morale high. Because Spanish news sources were the only ones reporting on the flu, many believed it originated there.

4. The Great Depression left families financially unable to scrape together money for their next meal. Breadlines and soup kitchens were established as charitable organisations gave free bread and soup to the impoverished. A breadline refers to the line of people waiting outside a charity for a meal.

5. The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Construction lasted from 1924 to 1932 and provided employment for hundreds of men. The bridge was referred to as the ‘iron lung’ because it created job opportunities that breathed new life into the city.

6. Nugget was born in WA.