BA (Hons), MA, PhD
Political science

Professor Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh holds an MA and PhD in International Relations from the Australian National University. He is Director of the Centre for Governance and Public Policy's Program on Indigenous and environment governance and capacity. His research focuses on the interactions of large resource corporations with governments and communities, particularly Indigenous communities. He has published numerous articles and books in the fields of public policy, negotiation, impact assessment, corporate social responsibility, and indigenous studies. He is editor (with Saleem Ali) of Earth Matters: Indigenous Peoples, Extractive Industries and Corporate Social Responsibility (Greenleaf, 2008); and author with Ginger Gibson of IBA Community Toolkit: Negotiation and Implementation of Impact and Benefit Agreements (Gordon Foundation, 2010: For two decades Professor O’Faircheallaigh has worked with Indigenous organisations and communities on negotiation of agreements with mining and oil and gas companies, and has acted as an adviser or negotiator for many of Australia’s leading Aboriginal organizations, including the Cape York, Northern, Central, Yamatji and Kimberley Land Councils. He is currently advising the Autonomous Bougainville Government on options in relation to the possible reopening of the Bougainville copper mine, and Shell on development of an Indigenous Strategy for Shell’s Upstream and Downstream businesses in Australia.

Research Expertise

Resource development and Indigenous peoples

Policy evaluation


Social impact assessment

Current Teaching Areas

Comparative Public Policy

Public Policy Processes

Indigenous Politics and Health Policy and Management

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