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Efficient, Effective and Fair: Climate Change Policy in Australia is the first in a series of publications that reflects the Academy’s commitment to develop and advance robust solutions to nationally important issues.

This publication is intended to make the results of the current leading research within the Academy available to encourage engagement in the development of a way forward on climate policy in Australia.

Australia has an abundance of renewable energy resources as well as the human and technological capacity to deploy them. This gives an unprecedented opportunity to transition to a low carbon economy. What we do not have are the appropriate economic incentives to further adopt and develop our low emissions capacities.

The most efficient, effective and fair policies to reduce emissions will deliver the lowest costs of adjustment and the greatest chance of prospering as a nation during the transition. This can be achieved with smart policy design. Such policies would include using the powerful efficiency attributes of property rights, prices and markets.


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Following the release of Efficient, Effective and Fair: Climate Change Policy in Australia the Academy will be organising a series of meetings with groups and individuals to discuss the principles and approach that have been proposed.

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