BA (Sydney), PhD (ANU)

Professor Frank Jones is a Professor Emeritus of the Australian National University. His recent research includes:

  • social inequality and social mobility
  • immigrant adaptation
  • national identity.

  • F.L. Jones and Julie McMillan (2001) Scoring occupational categories for social research: a review of current practice, with Australian examples, Work, Employment and Society, 15 (No. 3): 539-63.
  • F.L. Jones and Philip Smith (2001) Diversity and commonality and national identity: an exploratory analysis of cross-national patterns, The Journal of Soicology, 37 (March): 45-63.
  • F.L. Jones and Philip Smith (2001) Individual and societal bases of national identity: a comparative multilevel analysis, European Sociological Review, 17 (June): 103-118.