2021 Annual Events | Celebrating 50 Years

Anna Dennis
Events and Fellowship Coordinator
02 6249 1788

Date & Time

November 22, 2021



In 2021, the Academy is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  To mark this milestone, the Academy is planning a year-long 50th anniversary program celebrating the history of the Academy and reflecting the legacy and role of the social sciences in contemporary Australian society. Celebrating 50 Years will explore these themes through a diverse range of events, including the Academy’s named lecture series and annual events.

The Academy’s 2021 Annual Events will be held from 22 – 24 November 2021 in Canberra, Australia. These events, including the Annual Symposium, New Fellows’ Presentations, Cunningham Lecture and AGM will be hybrid, allowing for in-person and digital participation.

50th Anniversary Symposium: The Social Future of Australia

The Academy’s 50th Anniversary Symposium in November will explore the social future of Australia. Expert voices will tackle big questions shaping our lives, such as: Can Australia overcome the upheaval of COVID-19? What is needed to create a more just country? What is needed to reduce violence toward women? Can we achieve meaningful reconciliation with First Nations peoples? What is needed for a future-focused productive and innovative society? Can Australia be a world leader in addressing human impact on the environment?

The speakers will consider these and other questions, with a mind to coming up with evidence-informed policy solutions. Alongside the forthcoming report on the State of the Social Sciences, the Social Future of Australia will highlight the role of the social sciences in understanding and addressing major questions and in meeting social challenges in Australia and across the world.

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