Submission to the Draft National Digital Research
Infrastructure Strategy

On 12 December 2023 the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia made a submission to the Draft National Digital Research Infrastructure Strategy (NDRI Strategy).

The Academy welcomes the release of the Draft NDRI Strategy and its objective to articulate an explicit set of strategic aims and principles to coordinate national digital research infrastructure (NDRI) investments and decision-making.

Our submission makes five recommendations and a number of suggested steps pertaining to specific outcomes and challenges identified in the draft Strategy:

  • Recommendation 1. To include two or more experts on Indigenous Data Governance and Indigenous Data Sovereignty on the NRI Advisory Group
  • Recommendation 2. To include Australia’s five Learned Academies, and other relevant discipline-oriented research community organisations among the key stakeholders driving the design, implementation and review of the NDRI Strategy;
  • Recommendation 3. To set explicit, measurable goals regarding the extent of use of NDRI among the NDRI Strategy’s list of critical outcomes
  • Recommendation 4. To include coordination between NDRI Strategy and Australia’s research funding policy (National Competitive Grants Program – NCGP) as a priority outcome for realising the future NDRI ecosystem vision
  • Recommendation 5. That the NDRI Strategy aspires to cultivate a dynamic and ever-expanding repository of top-tier research data and analytics assets as a priority outcome.

Click on ‘download’ to read the submission in full.