Submission to the Joint Select Committee on National Anti-Corruption Commission Legislation

On 14 October 2022 the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia made a submission to the Joint Select Committee on National Anti-Corruption Commission Legislation.

The Academy strongly supports the establishment of a National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) as a central pillar of a national integrity framework. With many Australians losing confidence in the key democratic institutions that underpin our civil society, reforms are critical to improve trust and transparency in our federal government system.

The submission outlined four key recommendations aimed at strengthening the NACC and our broader integrity system:

  1. Clearly defining corrupt conduct: Amend the definition of corrupt conduct to include distinctions between ethical breaches and criminal acts, and social and economic corruption
  2. Focus on prevention: Include an increased focus on education in the Bill which prioritises corruption prevention and the responsibilities of all in such prevention
  3. Protection for whistleblowers and persons providing information: Clearly outline how whistleblower protections will be strengthened, particularly how anonymity will be maintained
  4. Rigidity of penalties: Amend penalties to a maximum number of years imprisonment

Click on ‘download’ to read the submission in full.