Submission to the Review Panel 

On 14 December 2022 the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia made a submission to the to the review of the Australian Research Council Act 2001.


The ARC plays a crucial role in our national research and innovation system, particularly for the social sciences. Over 27,800 Australian social science researchers rely on the National Competitive Grants Program as the primary and prestigious source of funding for their research.


The Review offers a once-in-20-year opportunity to not only ensure the ARC meets current and future needs, but to re-imagine and re-position it as a grant funding body that has practices and innovations that lead the world.


Our submission makes 18 recommendations across five overarching themes:

  1. affirm and strengthen basic research supported by the ARC within a more integrated national research and innovation system
  2. recognise and better engage the academic community in the governance, expertise, and review processes of the ARC
  3. adopt a portfolio approach to ARC investment to strengthen its social licence and ensure that research across schemes and disciplines adds value to society
  4. ensure ARC processes enable and support the academic community in pursuit of research
  5. leverage the power of data gathered by the ARC through the use of open, modern analytics.


Click on ‘download’ to read the submission in full.