A reckoning with the humanitarian and socio-political consequences of the West’s response to refugees and use of increasingly severe deterrence strategies. This book, by renowned expert and Academy Fellow Fethi Mansouri, begins with Australia’s policy context and explores how basic human rights and protections are denied to asylum seekers. Meanwhile the underlying factors that perpetuate displacement and asylum-seeking remain unaddressed.

The book draws on interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies to examine the connections between migration and asylum policy making. Using case studies and robust data, Mansouri is able to challenge truisms about international frameworks and refugee policies and the assumptions that underpin them.

Author Professor Fethi Mansouri is well qualified to cover this complex terrain, being among the world’s leading experts on diversity, migration and intercultural studies. He holds the UNESCO Chair for comparative research on cultural diversity and social justice and is founding director of the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University as well as editor of the leading journal in the field, the Journal of Intercultural Studies.