Economies of virtue: the circulation of “ethics” in AI and digital culture

8 – 9 July 2021

Conveners: Dr Thao Phan, Dr Monique Mann, Professor Emma Kowal FASSA, Dr Declan Kuch and Dr Jake Goldenfein

“The vast majority of these systems are integrated with minimal oversight, limited accountability measures, or indeed, without a clear view to their broader social impacts.”

Who funds research into the ethics of AI technologies? What are the risks of an industry-led agenda on socially responsible AI? And how do these issues impact the production of knowledge and the independence of researchers working on the impacts of AI in society? This interdisciplinary workshop brings together Australian and International experts in socially responsible AI to explore critical issues regarding the integrity of our field. It aims to:

  1. identify the risks and problem areas of industry funded ethics agendas, with a focus on the Australian context,
  2. generate new knowledge on the political economy of ethics;
  3. formulate recommendations for policy to protect research independence and integrity; and
  4. enhance public understanding and inform debate on the value of independent academic research.