Risk and Fragmentation of urban water knowledge in Melbourne: an early career perspective

29 – 30 July 2021 

Conveners: Dr Anna Kosovac, Professor Lee Godden FASSA, Professor Brendan Gleeson FASSA

“Building a network of researchers from interdisciplinary areas will be key to understanding the complexities of the issue.”

Water has traditionally been managed within the strict realm of the natural sciences and engineering. The aim of the workshop will be to consider questions of risk in water management in Melbourne, applied through various social science lenses: gender, traditional owners, commodification culture, and trust in expertise. This workshop seeks to bring together early career researchers in the social sciences with urban water practitioners to discuss the wide-ranging research within the field. The Risk and Fragmentation workshop will be paramount to sharing differing perspectives through creating an interdisciplinary space to begin to challenge existing knowledge fragmentation in the sector.