BEc Hons. (ANU), PhD (Pennsylvania)

(Deceased), 1990-12-06

Dr Christopher Ian "Chris" Higgins was a senior Australian public servant and economist. He was Secretary of the Department of the Treasury from September 1989 until his death

  • Secretary to the Treasury (1989-90)
  • Deputy Secretary (Economics), The Treasury (1984-89)
  • Assistant Secretary, Development Branch; Acting First Assistant Secretary, Financial Institutions Division, The Treasury (1984)
  • Director, General Economics Branch, Department of Economics & Statistics OECD Secretariat, Paris (1982-84)
  • Minister, Economic and Financial Affairs, OECD Delegation (1980-81)
  • Assistant Secretary, Fiscal and Monetary Policy Branch, GEEP Division, The Treasury (1976-79)
  • Assistant Secretary, Economic Branch, General Financial and Economic Policy Division, The Treasury (1975-76)