University of Melbourne (B.A., 1935; Dip.Ed., 1936; M.A., 1937; M.Ed., 1939); he graduated with first-class honours in English and French, and won the Childers prize.

University of London (Ph.D., 1954), he wrote a thesis on the effects of a scheme to consolidate schools in a rural area of Australia.

(Deceased), 1976-11-25

Radford ranks as one of Australia's greatest educators. Few Australians have been as influential over all aspects of education from pre-school to university across the whole continent.

For his staff-work with the 9th Divisional Artillery in May-October 1942, he was appointed M.B.E. (1943).

In 1972 Monash University conferred an honorary LL.D., and the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science awarded him its Mackie medal.

In 1976 he was appointed A.O.