(Deceased), 1984-01-27

"Norma McArthur was a figure of force around the University for many years. She was a forthright and sometimes discomforting member of committees and boards and representative, for a time, of the non-professorial staff of IAS on Council, and in these roles, as in her one-time Fellowship of the Academy of the Social Sciences, was widely respected. Her strengths of character and will were balanced by a great capacity for enjoyment, alone and in company. Her range of acquaintance was enormous and diverse, her friendships close and long-lasting.

Norma McArthur attained positions of prominence and authority at a time when women were even fewer in such circles than they are now. Because she was a woman, she was called upon beyond the norm to serve in a variety of capacities. She acquitted all her responsibilities with conscientiousness and combined them with a satisfying private life. She died as she lived, clear-sightedly and with enormous courage."

Obituaries Australia

ANU Demography, RSSS,

1952-70: Research Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Professorial Fellow; Prehistory, RSPacS,

1970-4: PhD Student; Pacific and Southeast Asian History, RSPacS,

1975-80: Senior Research Fellow