BA (Hons - first class), PhD (The University of Queensland) FANZMAC, FAMI, FAIM


Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy is an Honorary Visiting Professor and Fellow, Cambridge Service Alliance, Institute for Manufacturing, in the Department of Engineering, the University of Cambridge, UK. She is also the Founding Co-Lead of the Service Innovation Alliance (SIA) Research Hub at the Business School, The University of Queensland. SIA is a multidisciplinary research hub focusing on Customer Experience, Service Innovation and Sustainability, with an emphasis on AI, digital transformation and service design. 

Professor McColl-Kennedy has made a significant research contribution to the discipline of Marketing, specifically in ‘Services’. Six of her papers are in the top 1% of all journals. [Source: Scopus, SciVal as at 24 June 2021]. Her papers are highly cited as evidenced by her Overall Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) which is 3.08, with a mean citation of 56.7 cites per paper [Scopus, SciVal at June 2021]. She has a H index of 58 (Google scholar) 40 (Scopus) and over 15,326 citations (Google Scholar).

Janet was recognised in the "Highly Cited Researcher Awards for 2021", released by Clarivate™ for her multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for the field and year in the Web of Science™. Only two persons in Australia were listed in the “Economics and Business” category, Janet being the only academic in Marketing in Australia to receive this award.

With over 170 publications (including 85 refereed international journal articles and 20 book chapters/books), Professor McColl-Kennedy is not only a leading senior marketing academic in Australia, she is internationally recognised as a leading researcher in Service Science. Her research interests focus on customer experience management and measurement, and the role of digital technology, customer insights and choice preferences, and customer value co-creation. She has particular expertise in healthcare services.

Professor McColl-Kennedy led the first empirical investigation into value co-creation (ARC funded). Her seminal paper McColl-Kennedy et al. (2012), published in the lead services journal - Journal of Service Research (JSR) is in the top 1% of papers in the field and cited over 1219 times [Google Scholar]. This paper provides a novel theoretical framework, review of key conceptualisations of value creation across a range of disciplines, and a definition of value co-creation used extensively by researchers across several disciplines e.g. engineering, medicine, healthcare as well as marketing and management. 

She also led the first empirical study of customer rage (ARC funded), published in another leading journal – Journal of Retailing (McColl-Kennedy et al. 2009) as well as 4 other papers including a 4 country comparison study [Patterson, Brady & McColl-Kennedy (2016) published in JSR.] 

In addition, she is also internationally known for her work in customer experience (CX) management where she challenges the way CX has been measured and offers a novel analytics-based approach to the measurement and management of CX. Leading a multi-disciplinary team, this innovative research breaks new ground by identifying previously unrecognised, critical touchpoints in the CX and opportunities to strengthen the CX, thus enabling organisations to improve performance, increase revenue, and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Director of Research, UQ Business School

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