PhD(ANU); BAHons(1st class)(Sydney); GradDipEducation(Canberra)


My research interest are currently focussed on documenting, describing and reviving Indigenous languages. I have a new focus on the Indigenous languages of Pakistan, including Saraiki of the Punjab and Torwali of Swat. I have two Australian Research Council Discovery Projects one with Prof John Maynard on the history of Aboriginal missions and reserves in eastern Australia and the history of Aboriginal people who were not institutionalised. The other DP is about the practise of 'corroboree' by Aboriginal people in the 'assimilation period' of the mid C20 in Australia. I am interested in the use of Indigenous research methodologies and community engaged research practises. I am Aboriginal Australian and my community is Ngarigu of the Snowy Mountains in south eastern Australia.

Member of the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Counsellor to the Geographical Names Board NSW

Financial Review Top 100 Most Influential Women in Australia Top 10 Innovation Category 2019

Australian College of Educators Award for Leading Graduate in Secondary Education at the University of Canberra 2009

Yacchad Foundation Fellowship 2011

Australian Citizens Commonwealth Postgraduate Research Award 1986

Rotary Foundation Fellowship for International Understanding 1982-85

Life Member Foundation for Endangered Languages

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