BA (Chicago), PhD (Princeton)

Professor ANDREW McLENNAN is a Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland. Professor McLennan specialises in mathematical economics, with particular interest in game theory, fixed point theory, and computation of equilibria. His current interests include topics in financial economics, stochastic games, and algorithms and computational complexity. He is an associate editor of "Econometrica", "Games and Economic Behaviour", and the "International Journal of Game Theory", the chair of the Standing Committee of the Australasian Econometric Society, and a member of the Council of the Econometric Society and the Council of the Game Theory Society.

University of Toronto, Assistant Professor of Economics, 1980 - 1984

Cornell University, Assistant Professor of Economics, 1984 - 1987

University of Minnesota, Associate Professor of Economics, 1987 - 2000, Professor 2000 - 2005

University of Sydney, Professor of Economics, 2005 - 2007

University of Queensland, Professor, 2007 - present

  • Fellow of the Econometric Society, from 2007
  • ARC Professorial Fellowship, 2007 - 2012
  • Economic Theory Fellow, Society for the Promotion of Economic Theory, from 2011

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