BA (Qld), MPsychol, PhD (NSW), GDipComp (Deakin), DSc (ANU)
Health Sciences

Professor Anthony Jorm is a Professor Emeritus in Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, and an NHMRC Leadership Fellow. His current research is on building the community's capacity for prevention and early intervention with mental disorders.

Chair of Board, Mental Health First Aid International

Founders’ Medal, Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research, 2002

Listed in ISI as one of the most highly cited researchers in Psychology/Psychiatry over the period 1981-1999, 2003

Australian Rotary Health Research Fund Medal, 2007

Excellence in Mental Health Education Award (to Kitchener & Jorm for Mental Health First Aid Program), U.S. National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, 2008

Thomson Scientific Citation Award (for highest average citations per paper in the field of psychiatry in Australia 1997-2007), 2008

Australia Fellowship, National Health and Medical Research Council, 2009

Outstanding Academic Mentor Award, Australian Psychological Society, 2017.

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