BA (Hons) (Psych) (Sydney), MEd (Hons) (Ed Psych) (Sydney), PhD (Ed Psych) (UWS)

Professor ANDREW MARTIN, BA (Hons), MEd (Hons), PhD, is Scientia Professor, Professor of Educational Psychology, and Co-Chair of the Educational Psychology Research Group in the School of Education at the University of New South Wales, Australia specializing in motivation, engagement, achievement, and quantitative research methods. He is also Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, Honorary Professor in the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, Fellow of the (Australian) College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists, and President of the International Association of Applied Psychology’s Division 5 Educational and School Psychology.

Scientia Professor and Professor of Educational Psychology (School of Education, University of New South Wales)

Honorary Research Fellow (Department of Education, University of Oxford)

Honorary Professor (School of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney)

Fellow, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia;

Fellow, American Psychological Association;

Fellow, American Educational Research Association;

Fellow, (Australian) College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists

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