BA (Sydney), PhD (ANU)

Professor Barbara Gillam is Professor of Psychology, University of New South Wales. Her interests are largely in the science of visual perception. She is well-known for her work on geometrical illusions, perceptual grouping and stereopsis. She is currently investigating new forms of binocular depth perception and the way the visual system deals with the partial occlusion of objects and surfaces in the envitronment. Her current theoretical interests include developing more inclusive theories of binocular depth perception and non-modular approaches to space perception. Other interests include:

  • Promoting awareness of Psychology in the public interest
  • Perception and art
  • President, Psychology Foundation of Australia
  • Head, School of Psychology, UNSW 1987-92
  • ARC Social Sciences Panel 1988-91 Chair Cognitive Science Panel 1991-92
  • Guggenheim Fellow (USA) 1986

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