BAgSc (Melbourne), MAgEc (New England), MBA (Chicago), PhD (Chicago)

Professor Bob Officer is currently Professor Emeritus University of Melbourne and an Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland. He has previously been the Deputy Director and a Professor at the Melbourne Business School (1986 - 2002). For a length of time Professor Officer consulted to a large number of public, private and government organisations on topics encompassing economics and finance generally.

Professor Officer specialises in:

  • corporate and international finance
  • valuation and investment appraisal
  • foreign exchange management
  • capital markets
  • industrial organisation
  • takeovers
  • anti-trust

During the past ten years he has been Chairman of the Victorian WorkCover Authority (1997-2001) and Chairman Victorian Funds Management Corporation (2002-2006). Today he remains Chairman of several Funds Management companies.

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