BRTP (Hons) (Melbourne), MURP (S.Calif.), DPhil (Melbourne)
Human geography

Professor Brendan Gleeson is the Director of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Insitute and a professor of Urban Policy Studies in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne. He was previously the Director of the Urban Research Program at Griffith University. He specialises in urbanisation and urban governance, environmental theory and policy and urban social policy. His most recent research focus is urban resilience in the face of climate change and resource insecurity. He has recently been appointed to the ARC College of Experts and his previous appointments have included Brisbane Inner City Advisory Committee, ACT Planning and Land Council and Board Member of Queensland Urban Land Development Authority.

Mar 1997—Aug 1997

ANU Visiting Scholar, The Australia Centre, University of Potsdam, Germany (on leave from Urban Research Program)

Jan 2002­—Nov 2002

External Advisor to Australian Capital Territory Government on reform of planning and land development administration

May 2003—Jun 2006

Member, ACT Planning and Land Council

August 2003 -

Member, National Inquiry into Planning Education and Employment (Planning Institute of Australia and Australian Planning Ministers)


Member Expert Advisory Panel for Queensland Minister of Transport

Jan 2006 —Jun 2009

Member National Policy Committee, Planning Institute of Australia

Sep 2006—

Advisory Board, Global Urban Development (Washington DC)

Nov 2007—Nov 2010

Board Member, Urban Land Development Authority of Queensland

Jan 2008—Jul 2008

Visiting Professor, National Institute of Region & Spatial Analysis, National University of Ireland, Maynooth


Expert Advisory Panel to Premier of Queensland, Queensland Growth Summit

April 2011

Panel of Researchers, Ombudsman’s Office for Children, Government of Ireland

1 Jan 2014 onwards

ARC College of Experts for a 3 year period

  • John Iremonger Award for Writing on Public Issues, Inaugural recipient 2004, Allen & Unwin
  • National Award for Planning Excellence: Planning Scholarship, 2001 (Royal Australian Planning Institute) for Australian Urban Planning: new challenges, new agendas, shared with N.P. Low
  • Award for Planning Excellence: Planning Scholarship, 2000 (Royal Australian Planning Institute, Victorian Division) for Australian Urban Planning: new challenges, new agendas, shared with N.P. Low
  • Peter Harrison Memorial Prize 1999 for best ‘National Urban Planning and Development Essay’, Australia
  • Harold and Margaret Sprout Award 1999 (International Studies Association) for Justice, Society & Nature: an exploration of political ecology, shared with N.P. Low
  • Young Research Workers Award (Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers), 1996
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