MA (Sydney), PhD (Illinois)
(Deceased), 2017-08-11

Emeritus Professor Brian Crittenden retired from the School of Education, La Trobe University at the end of 1995. Since then, he published a book of essays and a book chapter on education theory; an Academy Occasional Paper and a book chapter on the role of universities; a book chapter on research into social learning; a book chapter on moral education in a pluralist society; three articles on the school curriculum (key objectives; social studies; the balance of liberal and vocational education). He also contributed to Reports by the Academies of the Humanities and the Social Sciences to the Australian Research Council. He completed a book-length study of contemporary philosophical and related perspectives on the nature of mind (especially the self). His main topic was the nature of the social sciences (with particular reference to Isaiah Berlin's views).

  • Chair, Victorian Tertiary Admissions Committee, 1984-94
  • Victorian Universities' representative, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Board, 1989-93
  • 'The Federal Government and the Coordination of Schooling in Australia'. Report prepared for Commonwealth Minister for Education, 1990
  • Chair, Ministerial Taskforce on Excellence (established by Victorian Minister for Education and Training in 1991). Co-author of Report, submitted in December 1992
  • Chair, Higher Education Committee, ASSA, 1993-98
  • Comments (sent in February 1993) to Higher Education Council on its Report 'Achieving Quality'
  • Prepared section of a submission on behalf of ASSA in 1993 to Senate Inquiry into the Organization and Funding of Research in Higher Education
  • Representative of ASSA at Melbourne meetings (March 10, June 9, 1995) of NBEET's Committee on Lifelong Learning Project. Written comments to Academy's Executive, June 26
  • Comments (as Chair of Academy's Higher Education Committee) on Review of Higher Education Management (Hoare Report) to Minister for Employment, Education and Training. Sent in early 1996
  • An assessor of 'Studies of Society and Environment' course material (all levels) for Victorian Directorate of Education, 1996-97
  • Assessment of moral education curriculum material for Victorian Board of Education, 1997
  • A section of ASSA's submission to the West Committee on Universities, 1997
  • Member of the Executive, ASSA, 1991-96
  • Chapters 10 and 16 in Challenges for the Social Sciences and Australia, Vol.2, prepared by ASSA for Australian Research Council, Discipline Research Strategies, 1998. (Chapter 16 is also in Knowing Ourselves and Others: The Humanities in Australia into the 21st. Century, Vol.3, Ch.9, 1998 - the parallel publication prepared by the Australian Academy of the Humanities.).

  • Brian Crittenden (2002) The Place of Liberal Studies in Universities, Melbourne Studies in Education, 43(1):1-24.
  • Brian Crittenden (2001) Moral Diversity in a Liberal Democratic Society, Dialogue, 20(1):18-25.
  • Brian Crittenden (2001) T.S. Eliot on 'The Aims of Education', Education Research and Perspectives, 38(1):71-82.
  • Brian Crittenden (1999) The Proper Work of Educating, Education Research and Perspectives, 26(1):35-50.
  • Brian Crittenden (1999) Research into Social Learning, In Australian Education: Review of Research 1985 - 1998. John P. Keeves and Kevin Majoribanks (eds.). Melbourne: Australian Council for Education Research.
  • Brian Crittenden (1997) Philosophy in Education Theory: Recent Trends and Issues, In Logical Empiricism and Post-Empiricism in Education Discourse. David Aspen (eds.). Johannesburg: Heinemann.
  • Brian Crittenden (1996) Thinking about Education. Melbourne: Longman.