BA (Hons), MA (La Trobe), Dip Ed (Melbourne), MA, PhD (Cornell)
Political science

Professor Christian Reus-Smit is Chair in International Relations in the School of Politics and International Studies, University of Queensland, prior to which he held the Chair in International Relations in the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute, Florence. He was formerly Head of the Department of International Relations in the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University. He specialises in international relations theory and the historical development of the modern international system, with particular reference to the development of international institutions. His current research focuses on the politics of ethics in international relations, and on the role that struggles for individual rights have played in the evolution of the present global system of states. His research straddles the fields of political science, international law and historical sociology. Professor Reus-Smit is also a series editor, with Nicholas Wheeler, of the Cambridge Studies in International Relations book series.

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