BSc (Hons) (Adelaide), PhD (ANU)

Dr Christabel Young retired in December 1998 from her position as a Fellow in the Demography Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University. Dr Young specialises in Australian demography, and in particular the family life cycle, women's labour force participation, children leaving home, mortality, population projections and population policy. One of the key themes in her work is the use of cohort analysis instead of the more common calendar year approach.

  • Member of the Australian Capital Territory Electoral Commission (Dec.1992 - Dec.1993, May 1994 - May 1999, and re-appointed for five years in August 1999)
  • Consultant to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in the Ethnic Health Status Project, 1991
  • Demographic Consultant for the DEET review of the 1998 Review of the Discipline of Engineering, 1993
  • Consultant to the Australian Bureau of Statistics with regard to the publication Canberra A Social Atlas 1991, 1993.