PhD (Business) (California), BA (Psychology) (Scripps College), FASSA
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour

Cristina B. Gibson is Woodside Endowed Chair in Leadership and Management at the University of Western Australia School of Business. Her expertise is at the nexus of organizational science, international management, and cross-cultural psychology. She is the one of the world’s preeminent scholar on global collaboration, multicultural teams, and technological connectivity. Her work develops and tests theories and practical techniques for the shared use of information and knowledge, expanding social cognitive theories to the group level, and incorporating context. She has dispelled conventional assumptions that collaborative phenomena operate the same way across contexts, identifying intercultural variations, impacts of geographical dispersion, and technology factors that are important in gaining a full understanding of how to increase the effectiveness of collaborations.

Cristina’s research has appeared in 75 publications, including in prestigious journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, and Journal of Applied Psychology. She is among the top 1% in the world in terms of impact in the fields of Economic and Business based on citation counts between 2004-2016 and she has received over .5 million dollars in external funding for her research from granting institutions such as the Australian Research Council and U.S. National Science Foundation. In 2016, she and her colleagues were awarded the Academy of International Business Paper of the Decade Award. She is also the recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Innovation and Impact in Research, and a Fellow of the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology, Academy of International Business, Association for Psychological Science, and Academy of Management. She is the Division Chair for the largest Division of the Academy of Management, the leading international professional association in her field.

Cristina’s work has informed organizational policy, structure, training and development agendas improving operational efficiency, innovation, resource allocation, and well-being, in non-profits, entrepreneurial firms, and large multinationals such as IBM, HP, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Alcoa, Qantas and Westpac, across over 20 countries.

Woodside Chair

Last 5 years


Fellow, Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology

Fellow, Academy of International Business

Fellow, Association for Psychological Science

Fellow, Academy of Management


University of Western Australia Vice Chancellor’s Award for Impact and Innovation (,000)

Thomson Reuters 2016 Highly Cited Distinction (Citation Count Between 2004-2016 Among the Top 1% of Business and Economic Academics Globally)


Paper of the Decade Award, Academy of International Business

Thomson Reuters 2015 Highly Cited Distinction (Citation Count Between 2003-2015 Among the Top 1% of Business and Economic Academics Globally)


Thomson Reuters 2014 Highly Cited Distinction (Citation Count Between 2002-2014 Among the Top 1% of Business and Economic Academics Globally)

University of Western Australia Vice Chancellor’s Award for Senior Research Excellence

Dean’s Best Paper Award for 2014, UWA Business School


Australian Research Council Grant with Inenco (Collins and Gibson) (,300,000)

University of Western Australia Collaborative Research Grant (0,000)

Dean’s Best Paper Award for 2013, UWA Business School


Spanish Economic Ministry (Rico, Sanchez, Gibson, and Mohammad) (,000)

Dean’s Best Paper Award for 2012, UWA Business School

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