BA (l’Universite de Moncton); MA, PhD (UBC); FASSA

Denise is well-known for her work in labour, social policy and currently health economics. She has published her research in the top journals in her area (Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Econometrics) as well as top general interest journals (Review of Economics and Statistics, International Economic Review). She has received research prizes for her work on social policy and in health economics and has consulted for several government departments in Australia and in Canada mostly on technical aspects of data collection and analysis.

She has worked at the University of New South Wales since 2000 and has held many administrative positions there including as Head of School of UNSW’s School of Economics from 2013 to 2016. As Head of School, she successfully lobbied the University to change the tenure process and she led the drive to establish a new degree in Data Science and Decisions, a unique program across three faculties (Science, Engineering and the Business School). She has mentored junior academics both at UNSW and in the broader community and supervised many students at all levels of the curriculum, many of these now with successful careers in academia, government and industry.

Denise has been a co-editor of The Economic Record and a member of the External Reference Group for HILDA. In 2011, she was the first economist to give the Fay Gale Lectures hosted by the ASSA.

Professor Emeritus UNSW;

Co-Editor of The Economic Record (2009-2013);

External member HILDA ERG (2003-2007);

Visiting Appointments at the following universities: Boston University, University of Washington, Australian National University;

Previous professorial appointments at the following universities: University of Sydney, University of British Columbia, University of Western Ontario

Research Assistant/Fellow at the following centres: MIAESR University of Melbourne, CHERE University of Technology Sydney, CEPAR University of New South Wales;

Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

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