BA (Hons) (Sociology) (Nottingham), MA (Sociology) (York), PhD (Sociology) (Essex), FAHA

DAVID ROWE, FASSA, FAHA is Emeritus Professor of Cultural Research, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University; Honorary Professor, Physical Cultural Studies, University of Bath, UK; Research Associate, Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, SOAS University of London, UK; and Distinguished Senior Research Fellow, Center for International Sport Communication and Diplomacy Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.

His main academic interests are in the sociology of media and popular culture, especially regarding the cultural politics of sport. He is currently researching the relationships between sport and cultural citizenship and the global, transnational and national dynamics of sport and media systems. Emeritus Professor Rowe is also engaged in research on patterns of urban cultural practice and infrastructure. He is also a frequent expert commentator on socio-cultural issues in Australian and international media.

2017-(cont): Emeritus Professor of Cultural Research, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University.

2009-2017: Research Professor, Centre for Cultural Research/Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University.

2006-2009: Director and Professor, Centre for Cultural Research, Western Sydney University.

2000-6: Director, Cultural Institutions and Practices Research Centre (CIPS), The University of Newcastle.

2005-6: Professor in Media and Cultural Studies, The University of Newcastle.

2001: Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, The University of Newcastle.

2000–1: Head, Department of Leisure and Tourism Studies, The University of Newcastle.

1999-2005: Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Studies, The University of Newcastle.

1991-8: Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, The University of Newcastle.

1986-90: Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Newcastle CAE/Hunter Institute of Higher Education and The University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

1982-6: Lecturer in Sociology, Riverina CAE/Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education.

1981-2: Multicultural Education Research Officer and Teacher in British History (Late) at Elizabeth Matriculation College, Hobart, Tasmania.

1978-81: Lecturer in Sociology (part-time), University of Maryland, USA (European Division) and Class Tutor (part-time) in Sociology, University of Essex.

International Communication Association Sport Communication Interest Group Legacy Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement, 2020.

Top Researcher in the Field of Communication, The Australian’s 2019 Research Magazine, September, 2019.

The Australian Sociological Association Distinguished Service to Sociology Award, 2018.

Outstanding Book Selection of Global Media Sport: Flows, Forms and Futures, National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea Supporting Excellent Books of Basic Sciences Program, 2018.

Best policy paper prize, Leisure Studies Association Conference (UK) awarded by the Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure & Events (published by Routledge), 2018.

Vice-Chancellor’s University Awards, Excellence in Research (Researcher of the Year), Western Sydney University, 2015.

Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, 2014 (cont).

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