BA (Hons), Dip Psychol (Sydney), MA, PhD (Stanford)

Professor DAVID KAVANAGH is a Research Professor in the Institute of Health & Biomedical Innovation and the School of Psychology & Counselling at Queensland University of Technology, and holds adjunct posts at The University of Queensland and Griffith and Plymouth universities. He recently developed an imagery-based motivational intervention, which is currently being tested in a range of behavioural domains including alcohol misuse, has developed and tested a number of web programs and apps for addictive and other mental disorders, and is currently leading a nationwide project to disseminate digital interventions in primary care.

Appointments in the last 10 years have included membership of the NHMRC Assigners’ Academy, the Queensland Mental Health and Drug Advisory Council, the Digital Mental Health Advisory Committee of the Australian Department of Health, and the Australian Psychological Society’s Division of Psychological Research, Education and Training.

Adjunct Professor in Psychology, University of Queensland (2008—), Griffith University (2008—11), University of Plymouth UK (2014-2017)

Queensland Mental Health and Drug Advisory Council (Member, 2016; Acting Chair 2017; Chair, 2018-22);

Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Science, Australian Psychological Society (2015)

Distinguished Career Award, Australian Association of Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (2011)

Senior Scientist Award, Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (2011)

Ian Mathew Campbell Prize in Clinical Psychology, Australian Psychological Society (1992)

Honorary Fellow, Australian Association of Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (2016)

Honorary Fellow, Wesley Research Institute (2012)

Fellow, Australian Psychological Society (1993)

Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society (1993)

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