BA (Hons) (Monash) , PhD (Cambridge)
History, Heritage And Archaeology

Professor DAVID LOWE holds a chair in Contemporary History at Deakin University. He specialises in modern Australian and international history, and in the rhetorical uses of history by politicians. He is currently researching memories of independence in post-colonial nations, as part of the Routledge Series, Remembering the Modern World, of which he is joint editor. He is also researching Australian politicians’ uses of history.

Recent appointments include: Editorial Board advising the Australia’s Foreign Minister on the Documents in Australian Foreign Policy series; Board of Australian Historical Studies; and Founder, Australian Policy and History Network.

Menzies Cente for Australian Studies, University of London, 1993-95,

Deakin University, since 1991

Australian Historical Association

Society for the History of American Foreign Relations

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