BA (Flinders), MA (UPNG), PhD (Monash), FASSA
Human geography

Professor Dean Forbes is a Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Flinders University, and based in Sydney. In 2013 he was a Public Policy Scholar at The Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC.

He is an urbanist focused on East and Southeast Asia, and from 2000-2013 was Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International and Communities) at Flinders. As former Chair of the Universities Australia Deputy Vice-Chancellors (International) Committee, and the Innovative Research Universities Australia International Committee, he maintains an active interest in Australian government policy affecting international education and related policy matters. His previous academic appointments were at The Australian National University, Monash University and the University of Papua New Guinea.

His recent writings were for Global Policy, Oxford Analytica’s Daily Brief and APPS Policy Forum. He is Chair of the Board of the Community for Global Communication Inc, Chairs the Council of the Elite Education Institute and is on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) Register of Experts. He was Executive Producer of the Ethiopian film Yezor Dimer.

His current research projects are on Universities and the Creation of the Modern Knowledge City and Cities of Memory and Meaning.

Chair, Community for Global Communication Inc (trading as the Intensive English Language Institute), Adelaide

Chair, Council of Elite Education Institute, Sydney

Register of Experts, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

Consultancies for UNDP, UNFPA, ILO, AusAID, NT government

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