BSc Agr (Sydney), Dip Soc Sci (UNE), MS (Sociology) (Wisconsin-Madison), PhD (Griffith)

Geoffrey Lawrence is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and former Head of the School of Social Science (2002-2010) at the University of Queensland. He specialises in rural and regional sociology and agrifood research. He co-founded the Australasian Agrifood Research Network in 1993 and the interdisciplinary journal Rural Society in 1994. He was on the management committee of the community-based NRM group, the Fitzroy Basin Association, for over a decade and was made a Life Member in 2002. In 2003 he was appointed by the Federal Government to the Scientific Advisory Panel of the Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum. He was elected President of the International Rural Sociology Association (2012-2016). He has been the recipient of over m in research grants and has published 25 books and over 400 book chapters, journal articles and research monographs. He has been a visiting fellow at Cornell University, the University of Madison-Wisconsin, Michigan State University, Essex University and the Norwegian University of Technology. His current research is on: the governance of food security in an era of climate change; the 'financialisation' of food and agriculture; and, neoliberal globalisation.

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Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland

  • Life Member, Fitzroy Basin Association, Central Queensland
  • Life Member - The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)
  • Member - Rural Sociological Society (US)
  • Member - European Rural Sociological Association
  • Co-founder and Member - Australasian Agrifood Research Network
  • Member - Australian Political Economy Movement
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