BA(Hons) (WA), BPhil, DPhil (Oxford)
Philosophy and Religious Studies

Garrett Cullity is Hughes Professor of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide. He taught previously at the universities of Oxford and St Andrews. He is a moral philosopher whose work ranges across the theoretical and applied parts of the discipline. His previous work has treated topics including the nature of moral judgement, the sources of moral knowledge, the relationship between reasons for action and rationality, the content of the moral virtues, the moral emotions, human rights, fairness and collective action, and the ethical issues surrounding international aid and climate change. His current work is focused on understanding the foundational stopping-points for moral justification, and the relationship between our most important values and the reasons bearing on what we ought to do. It includes an applied component dealing with the ethics of our activities as consumers. He is the author of The Moral Demands of Affluence (OUP, 2004), a co-editor of Ethics and Practical Reason (OUP, 1997), and an Associate Editor of the journals Philosophy and Public Affairs and Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Hughes Professor of Philosophy, The University of Adelaide



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