B.Ec (Hons) (UWA), MA (Cornell), PhD (Cornell), FANZMAC, FANZAM, FAIM

Professor GEOFFREY SOUTAR is Head of the Marketing Discipline Group and Nancy Keegan and Don Voelte Distinguished Scholar at the University of Western Australia Business School. He has been the recipient of a number of Australian Research Council grants, as well as many industry grants, which has enabled him to examine a variety of marketing and management related topics over his career. In recent years he has had a particular interest in customer service, service quality and its impact on organisational success, from which evolved a long term study of perceived value and its impact in a variety of contexts. He is presently working on major research projects that are examining people’s personal values and the roles they play in a variety of circumstances, the way online communities can be used to influence people’s behaviour (energy reduction in this case), the ways cooperative enterprises return value to their members and the nature of innovation networks and the factors that inhibit or support their success.

1974-85 Lecturer and Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, University of Western Australia

1986-94 Foundation Professor of Management, Curtin University of Technology

1994-99 Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Edith Cowan University

2000-07 Director and Professor, Graduate School of Management, University of Western Australia

2008- Winthrop Professor of Marketing, UWA Business School

2009- Head, Marketing Discipline Group, UWA Business School

Fulbright Postgraduate Scholar

Fellow Australian Institute of Management

Fellow Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy

Fellow Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management

Nancy Keegan and Don Voelte Distinguished Scholar

Australian Teaching and Learning Council Citation for an Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

Distinguished Researcher Award, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy

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