BA (Hons), LLB (Hons) (Victoria University of Wellington); DPhil (Oxford)
Political science

I am a political theorist specialising in the work of the prominent political philosopher and historian of ideas Isaiah Berlin and in the idea of value pluralism associated with Berlin and others. Value pluralism is the idea that fundamental human values, such as liberty, equality and justice, are incommensurable with one another, so that when they come into conflict we can be faced with hard choices between them. This problem goes to the heart of contemporary politics and public policy. I develop a ‘liberal pluralist’ response to it, emphasising values of personal autonomy, redistributive justice, and diversity. My books include Liberalism and Value Pluralism (2002), Isaiah Berlin: Liberty and Pluralism (2004), The One and the Many: Reading Isaiah Berlin (co-edited with Henry Hardy, 2007), Theories of Multiculturalism (2013), and The Problem of Value Pluralism: Isaiah Berlin and Beyond (2019).

Emeritus Professor, Flinders University

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