BA, MA (Sydney), BScEcon, MSc (London), DipEd (Sydney), HonDLitt (UNE)
Political science

Professor Graham Maddox is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the University of New England, Armidale, where he also served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts for two periods totalling twelve years. He specialises in Australian democracy and the History of Political Thought. He is at present working towards participation in the transatlantic debate on the nature of republicanism. He is also studying religious influences on the emergence of democracy.

  • Dean, Faculty of Arts, The University of New England, 1980-1983 and 1991-1998
  • Life member, Clare Hall, Cambridge, 1984-
  • Patron, University of New England Union, 1986-2004
  • President, Australasian Political Studies Association, 1995-96
  • Vice-President, Australasian Political Studies Association, 1994-95.
  • Member, Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, 2006-

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