BEcon, LLB (UQ); MA, PhD (Toronto)
Political science

Professor Haig Patapan is the Director of the Centre for Governance and Public Policy and Professor in the School of Government and International Relations, Griffith University. His research interests are in democratic theory and practice, political philosophy, political leadership and comparative constitutionalism. Professor Patapan has published in the foremost politics, political theory, public policy, and law journals. His books include Judging Democracy (2000), an examination of judicial politics, jurisprudence and constitutionalism; Machiavelli in Love (2007), a theoretical enquiry into the origins of modern political thought; and a series of co-edited books exploring the changing nature of legitimacy, law and leadership, especially in Asia: Globalisation and Equality (2004); Westminster Legacies (2005); Dissident Democrats (2008); Political Legitimacy in Asia (2011).

In his recent work Professor Patapan examines the nature of leadership and judgment in democracies, a theme he has explored in the co-authored book The Democratic Leader (OUP, 2012) as well as the co-edited collections Dispersed Democratic Leadership (OUP, 2009) and Good Democratic Leadership (OUP, 2014).

Professor Patapan has received a number of awards, including the Mosher Award by the American Society for Public Administration, the Mayer Prize by the Australian Political Studies Association, an Australian Prime Ministers Centre Fellowship, and most recently a Senior Fulbright Scholarship at the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Massey College Junior Fellow;

QUT Postdoctoral Fellow;

Fellow, Key Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University;

Fellow, Australian Prime Ministers Centre;

Senior Fulbright Fellow;

Mosher Award;

Mayer Prize

Kane J. and Haig Patapan 2014 Good Democratic Leadership (OUP)

Kane J. and Haig Patapan 2012 The Democratic Leaders: How Democracy Defines, Empowers and Limits its Leaders (OUP)

Xie Libin and Haig Patapan 2016 ‘Contesting Legitimacy in China: The Politics of Law in Modern Chinese Jurisprudence’ HKLJ 46 (3) 991-1016

Haig Patapan 2016, 'Magnanimous Leadership: Edmund Barton and the Australian Founding' Leadership and Humanities, Vol. 4 No. 1, 2016, pp. 1–20.

Haig Patapan 2017 (forthcoming), ‘The Politics of Immortality: Hobbes on ‘Humane and Divine Politiques’ Political Theology.