BA (California, Davis), MPL, PhD (Southern California)
(Deceased), 2018-03-06

Professor Hal Kendig served as Professor of Ageing and Public Policy in the Centre for Research on Ageing, Health, and Wellbeing in the ANU Research School of Population Health, and as Chief Investigator and on the Management Committee of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR). His research included longitudinal studies of health and ageing; community care, housing, and health promotion policies; national and state ageing policies; and cross-national studies of ageing.

  • Chief Investigator, ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) (2011-)
  • Head, Ageing, Work and Health Research Unit Univerersity of Sydney (2009-)
  • National Convenor, ARC/NHMRC Research Network in Ageing Well (2005-2010)
  • Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney (1998-2005)
  • Director, ARC Key Centre in Gerontology, La Trobe University (1988-1996)
  • NHMRC Australian Health Ethics Committee
  • Chair Social Research and Planning, Asia-Oceania, International Association of Gerontology (Asia-Oceania)
  • United Nations Expert Group for a Global Research Agenda on Ageing
  • Senior Fellow, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University.


Distinguished Member for Outstanding Service, Australian Association of Gerontology


2020 Summit, Prime Ministerial Invitation, ‘A Long term National Health Strategy’ (research, research translation and research training group)


Prime Minister’s Centenary Medal, ‘outstanding service to aged care and healthy ageing through social science’


Outstanding Book of the Year, (with W. Liu) Australasian Journal on Ageing


Honorary Life Member, Council on the Ageing (Australia)


Fellow, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia


President’s Prize for Excellence of Research for a Mid Career Scientist, International Association of Gerontology, Asia/Oceania Region (Busse Prize)

Foundation Fellow, Australasian Epidemiological Association


Elected Fellow, Social Research, Planning and Practice Section, Gerontological Society of America

More than 250 articles, chapters, books, and reports


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