BA (Melbourne), MA (Mon), PhD (London)
Political science

Professor J A. Camilleri is Emeritus Professor at Latrobe University. Professor Camilleri specialises in international relations theory, security studies, the political economy of Asia Pacific, the foreign policies of the great powers, and the relationship between globalisation and governance. His major publications include 'Civilization in Crisis: Human Prospects in a Changing World' (Cambridge University Press), 'Chinese Foreign Policy: The Maoist Era and its Aftermath' (Martin Robertson), 'The End of Sovereignty: Politics in a Shrinking and Fragmenting World' (Edward Elgar), 'States, Markets and Civil Society in Asia Pacific' (Edward Elgar), 'Regionalism in the New Asia Pacific Order' (Edward Elgar), 'Worlds in Transition: Global Goverance across a Stressed Planet' (Edward Elgar), 'Religion and Ethics in a Globalizing World: Conflict, Dialogue and Transformation (MacMillan)

Professor Camilleri is the recepient of St Michael's Award for distinguished service to the community, member of the International Advisory Panel, International Movement for a Just World (JUST)

Managing Director, Alexandria Agenda

  • Order of Australia Medal 2010
  • Soka University Award of Honor 2009
  • Premier’s Award for Community Harmony, ictoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2006
  • Bringing Australia Together Award 2003
  • Golden Wattle Peace Award 2002
  • St Michael’s Award for Distinguished Service to the Community 1996
  • Grawemeyer-Evans Award, 1989.
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