BA(Hons) (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ), MA(Research) (UNE), PhD (Monash), FAcSS


Distinguished Redmond Barry Professor Johanna Wyn, Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne, specialises in longitudinal research on young people, documenting their transitions across the dimensions of education, work, wellbeing, relationships and family life. Her research is policy-focused and she is interested in developing new research and policy approaches to chronic patterns of disadvantage amongst youth.

Other areas of interest include:

  • gender
  • social policy
  • identity.
  • Jantina Tammes Chair, University of Groningen (2010)

Main teaching, research or administrative posts

  • Director, Youth Research Centre, the University of Melbourne, 1991 - 2017
  • Deputy Dean, Faculty of Education, the University of Melbourne, 2002 - 2004
  • Head of Department, Education Policy and Management, Faculty of Education, the University of Melbourne, 2001 - 2005
  • Assistant Dean (Regional), Faculty of Education, the University of Melbourne, 2001 - 2004
  • Associate Professor, Department of Education Policy and Management, the University of Melbourne, 1995 - 2001
  • Senior Lecturer, Division of Policy and Context Studies, Faculty of Education, the University of Melbourne, 1989 - 1995
  • Lecturer, Department of Educational Sociology and Social Studies, Melbourne College of Advanced Education, 1983 - 1988
  • Tutor, Department of Educational Sociology, Melbourne State College, 1977 - 1982
  • Tutor, Department of Behavioural Studies, Faculty of Education, the University of New England, 1975 - 1976
  • Tutor, Department of Sociology, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, 1974
  • Distinguished Service Award, The Australian Sociological Association 2017
  • Distinguished Visitor Award, University of Auckland 2016.
  • Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (Britain) 2016
  • Distinguished Research Career Award, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne 2014
  • Jantina Tammes Chair, University of Groningen, 2010
  • Adam Smith Award, University of Glasgow, 2005 (inaugural recipient)
  • Edward Clarence Dyason Universitas 21 Fellowship 2005, 1999
  • Canadian Studies for Foundations in Education Award (with Sandra Acker), 2000



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