Cand.Oecon University of Aarhus, PhD (ANU), FASSA

Professor Jakob Madsen is a Professor of Economics at the University of Western Australia. He previously held the Xiaokei Yang Chair in Economics at Monash University. After working some years in the financial sector as a financial analyst and as deputy chief economist at the Bank of Jutland, he gained his PhD in Economics at the Australian National University. He has held lecturing positions at the University of Southampton, University of Western Australia and Flinders University and professorial positions at Brunel University (London) and the University of Copenhagen. Professor Madsen has published more than 100 papers in international refereed journals including Journal of Economic Growth, Journal of Monetary Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of International Economics, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, and Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economic History. Currently, Professor Madsen's research is focused on economic growth, the long term effects of fiscal policy, and the interactions between economic growth and inequality.

Professor of Economics, UWA Business School (2019 - )

Xiaokai Yang Distinguished Professor of Economics, Monash University (2011 - 2018 )

Adjunct Professor, Queensland University of Technology (2013 - )

Director, Financial Research Unit, University of Copenhagen (2003-2006)

ARC Professorial Fellow (2011-2015)

Madsen, JB, Raschky, P & Skali, A. (2016) Income, Democracy, and Human Capital: Evidence for 141 Countries, 1820-2000, European Economic Review. Forthcoming

Madsen, JB & Ang, JB (forthcoming, accepted October 2014) “Finance-Led Growth in the OECD Since 1870: How does Financial Development Transmit to Growth?” Review of Economics and Statistics.

Madsen, J. B., (2014) Human Capital and the World Technology Frontier. Review of Economics and Statistics, 96(4), 676-692.

Madsen, J., Timol, I., 2011, Long-run convergence in manufacturing and innovation-based models, Review of Economics And Statistics, 93(4), 1155-1171.

Madsen, J. B., Ang, J., Banerjee, R., 2010, Four centuries of British economic growth: The roles of technology and population, Journal of Economic Growth, 15(4), 263-290.