BPD, MAprelim (Melbourne), PhD (ANU)
Human geography

Professor Jon Barnett is a political geographer whose research investigates social impacts and responses to environmental change. He has twenty years of experience conducting field-based research in several Pacific Island Countries, and in Australia and China. This research has helped explain the impacts of climate change on cultures, food security, inequality, instability, migration, and water security, and ways in which adaptation can promote social justice and peace. Jon is Professor and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow in the School of Geography at The University of Melbourne. He was a Lead Author of the chapter on Human Security in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, and he co-edits the journal Global Environmental Change.

New Zealand Science and Technology Postdoctoral Fellow, Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Australian Research Council Fellowship

Australian research Council Future Fellowship

Al-Moumin Environmental Peacebuilding Award

Planning Institute of Australia, Victorian Division Award for Cutting Edge Research

The University of Melbourne Vice Chancellors Engagement Award

Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship

Barnett, J., Graham, S., Mortreux, C., Fincher, R., Waters, E. and Hurlimann, A. 2014. A Local Coastal Adaptation Pathway. Nature Climate Change 4: 1103-1108.

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