B.A (Hons), Dip Ed (Melbourne); M.Ed, PhD ( LaTrobe)

Julie McLeod is Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and Pro Vice Chanceller ( Research Capability) at the University of Melbourne. She was an Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2012-2016) and Deputy Director of the Melbourne Social Equity Institute (2012-2016). She is currently an Editor of the History of Education Review and a former editor of the international journal Gender and Education. She has taught widely across programs in gender studies, sociology of education and qualitative research methods. Her research is in the history and sociology of education, with a focus on curriculum, youth, gender, and inequality. Books include Rethinking Youth Wellbeing: Critical Perspectives, (2015); The Promise of the New and Genealogies of Educational Reform (2015); Researching Social Change: Qualitative Approaches (2009); and Making Modern Lives: Subjectivity, Schooling and Social Change (2006).Prp

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