BA(Hons), DipEd (Melbourne), MEd Studies (Monash), MA, PhD (Stanford)

Alfred Deakin Professor JILL BLACKMORE is the Director of the Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation, Deakin University. Professor Blackmore's expertise lies in areas of feminist theory in educational administration, policy studies, globalisation, organisational change and academics' and teachers' work. Other areas of expertise are international education, innovative learning environments and community capacity building through arts-based education.

Appointments include

  • Member of the Post-compulsory Curriculum Committee of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
  • Member, Group of National Experts on Effective Learning Environment, OECD
  • Policy Advisor on leadership frameworks for Victorian Department of Education
  • Past President of Australian Association of Research in Education

Main Teaching, Research or Administrative Posts

  • Director, Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation (2010 - 2015)
  • Director, Deakin Centre for Education and Change (1999 - 2003)

Fellowships, Honorary Memberships, Special Awards

  • Appointed as Alfred Deakin Professor 2012
  • Critics Award, American Educational Studies Association (for Performing and Reforming Leaders) 2007
  • Member (AM) of the Order of Australia (2017)
  • Alfred Deakin Professor (2012)
  • Distinguished Researcher, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University (2011)
  • Critics Choice, American Educational Studies Association (2007) for Performing and Reforming Leaders: Gender, Educational Restructuring and Organisational Change (SUNY Press)
  • Travelling scholarship, Victorian Department of Education (1982 - 1983)

Membership of Professional Associations

  • Australian Association of Research in Education
  • Australian Curriculum Studies Association
  • American Educational Research Association
  • Association of Australian Women Educators
  • British Educational Research Association
  • European Association of Educational Researchers

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J Blackmore (2011), Gender and Educational Organisations: a feminist sociology, in Handbook of Sociology of Education pp 306 - 317. M Apple and S Ball (eds). London: Routledge

J Blackmore (2014), 'Wasting talent'? Rethinking the problematic of leadership disengagement in entrepreneurial universities from a feminist critical policy perspective, in Higher Education and Research Development (in press)

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J Blackmore (2010), 'The Other Within': rate / gender disruptions to the professional learning of white educational leaders, in International Journal of Leadership in Education (special issue). 13(1) pp 45 - 61