BEc (hons) (Qld), MA, PhD (Stanford)
Economic history

Dr Jonathan Pincus is Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Adelaide. Previously, he was the Principal Adviser Research at the Productivity Commission (2002-2008); the George Gollin Professor of Economics (1991 - 2002), and Convenor of Academic Board at the University of Adelaide; and Professor and Head, Discipline of Economic History, Flinders University (1985 - 1990); and Fellow in Economic History at ANU.

He is a co-opted member of Central Council of the Economic Society of Australia and past-president of the SA branch.

His main research interests are in federalism and microeconomic policy.

  • Productivity Commission, Melbourne and Canberra: Principal Adviser Research, 10/2002 to 01/2008.
  • The University of Adelaide: George Gollin Professor of Economics, 1991 – 2002.
  • The Flinders University of South Australia: Professor and Head, Discipline of Economic History, 1985 – 1990.
  • Australian National University: Research Fellow in Economic History, 1972 – 1974; Fellow, 1974 – 1985.
  • Simon Fraser University: Assistant Professor/Instructor, 1969 – 1972.
  • BP Australia, Brisbane: Junior Executive Trainee, 1958-63. .
  • 2015 Distinguished Public Policy Fellow, Economic Society of Australia
  • Who's Who in Economics, 1986 to date.
  • Best paper in 2010 Economic Papers, awarded by the Economic Society of Australia (jointly with Henry Ergas and Mark Harrison).
  • University of Melbourne, Department of Economics and Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, Inaugural Annual Lecturer on Public Policy, 2008. Published in Australian Economic Review 42.2 (June 2009).
  • Hall of Fame, [Australian] PhD Conference in Economics and Business, 2007.
  • Allan Nevins Prize in American Economic History 1973 (awarded by the [American] Economic History Association, on behalf of Columbia University Press, for the best dissertation in U.S. or Canadian economic history completed during the previous year).
  • Australian-American Education Foundation (Fulbright) Senior Scholar Travel Award, 1976.
  • Canada Council Dissertation Grant, 1970.
  • Australian-American Education Foundation (Fulbright) Postgraduate Student Travel Grant, 1965.
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