BA (Hons) (ANU); MA (Toronto); PhD (ANU); Diploma in Law (LPAB-NSW); FASSA
Human geography

John Handmer works on understanding the human dimensions of disasters, in Australia as well as internationally. He focuses on improving safety for people at risk from natural and other hazards, and on reducing tangible and intangible losses from disaster. This work has been undertaken with many colleagues and in close collaboration with policymakers and practitioners. He has been influential in helping to shift the focus of policy for disaster risk reduction from the hazard towards people and human systems; in integrating disaster research with that on climate change adaptation; and in wildfire community safety.

Honorary Professorial Fellow, Geography, Uni Melbourne;

Visiting Researcher, IIASA, Vienna.

Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia;

RMIT VC 2016 Award for Research Impact;

AFAC (Australasian Fire & Emergency Services Authorities Council) Research Award 2010;

Member Scientific Committee, Integrated Research on Disaster (IRDR), International Council of Science;

Fellow, Institute of British Geographers/Royal Geographical Society;

other minor RMIT University and Bushfire CRC awards.

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