BA (with distinction) (Lafayette, Louisiana), MA (University of Nebraska), Masters Cert in Urban Transportation, PhD (University of Iowa)
(Deceased), 2022-05-07

Professor Jordan Louviere is internationally recognised as an expert in conjoint analysis and consumer choice modelling. He developed and pioneered the design and analysis of choice experiments and, up until 2006, taught stated preference choice modelling and design of choice experiments with Moshe Ben-Akiva, Dan McFadden and others in the annual Summer shortcourse in choice modelling at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Louviere has authored or co-authored more than one hundred and fifty scholarly publications, including books, book chapters, journal articles and working papers dealing with Consumer Choice Models, Design of Experiments, Discrete Multivariate Analysis, Marketing Research Methods, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Transportation Planning, Demand Forecasting, Brand Equity Analysis, Measurement of Service Quality, Retailing and Consumer Services and Marketing Management, to name a few.

University of Southwestern Louisiana (Geography) 1968 - 1970

Florida State University (Geography), 1973 - 1975

University of Wyoming (Geography), 1975 - 1978

University of Iowa (Marketing), 1978 - 1985

University of New South Wales (AGSM) 1980, 1982

University of Alberta (Marketing), 1985 - 1990

University of Utah (Marketing), 1990 - 1994

University of Sydney (Marketing) 1994 - 1999

University of Technology, Sydney (Marketing) 2002 - present

American Marketing Association, Charles Coolidge Parlin Award for lifetime achievements in marketing research 2010

Fellow, Australia-New Zealand Marketing Academy, 2007

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Louviere, JJ and Fiebig, DG (2010), Benefit assessment for cost-benefit analysis studies in health care using discrete choice experiments: Estimating welfare in a health care setting, in McIntosh, E, Clarke, PM, Frew, EJ, Louviere, JJ (eds) Applied Methods of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Health Care. New York: Oxford University Press (pp 211-229)